Utility One Source Announces Initiation of Call-in Center, Rental Equipment Industry's First Proprietary Service Network

Utility One Source, the nation’s leading provider of vocational equipment and services, and the parent company of Custom Truck & Equipment (CTE), announced today its plans to introduce the equipment rental industry’s first proprietary aftermarket call-in center, a comprehensive service network in which all rental customers will be able to call in, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and connect with UOS’ team of equipment experts to initiate repair.

Headquartered in Kansas City, the aftermarket service network will leverage over 150 trained technicians with veteran knowledge of UOS’ equipment portfolio; by the end of 2016, the network is projected to expand to more than 200 technicians and 18 full-service facilities, adding offices in Atlanta, GA, Orlando, FL, Fontana, CA, New England, Northern California, and the Pacific Northwest. Through all facilities within the network, customers will have access to UOS’ aftermarket parts portfolio, currently offering over $40 million in on-hand equipment parts inventory.

"UOS is pleased to have achieved all forecasted milestones in developing the aftermarket network and its supporting proprietary technologies and systems."

Tom Vale, President of Aftermarket Services

“UOS is pleased to have achieved all forecasted milestones in developing the aftermarket network and its supporting proprietary technologies and systems. In the continued pursuit to expand our geographic footprint and the value which it offers all customers, UOS will further pursue offering a full-service facility within no more than 4 hours and a mobile tech within no more than 2 hours of the furthest service request,” said Tom Vale, President of Aftermarket Services for Utility One Source.

Every call into the call-in center will be answered by one of UOS’ expert mechanics; UOS estimates that, due to the comprehensive training of their equipment experts, nearly 50% of all inbound service calls will be resolved by the end of the call. If necessary the customer will then be connected to the closest service manager, who can either resolve the issue at the closest full-service facility, or by dispatching a mobile tech to their location. Throughout all steps of the process, progress will be monitored by the call-in center, to ensure that the equipment, and customer, are back up and running on their jobsite as quickly as possible. In the future, customers will be offered the option of having UOS track the status of their equipment year-round, monitoring manufacturer analytics to identify and communicate potential equipment issues before issues occur.

For service and maintenance, call the call-in center at 888-U1S-CINC (888-817-2462). For more information on UOS’ comprehensive service network, please visit www.utility1source.com.

About Utility One Source

Utility One Source (UOS) is comprised of six industry-leading equipment providers; five family-operated businesses (Custom Truck & Equipment, Utility Fleet Sales, Forestry Equipment of Virginia, UCO Equipment, and TNT Equipment) and Load King, the known manufacturer of highly proficient and customizable trailers. UOS’ establishment continued growth ever since its inception in February of 2015 represent the platform’s collective commitment to perpetual expansion of and dominance within each legacy company’s equipment focus. The platform’s collaborative portfolio leverages the expertise of each esteemed partner, boasting a truly unparalleled range of equipment and service offerings upon which the company will pursue unending evaluation and optimization to ensure an indelible position at the forefront of equipment innovation, within the utility and heavy equipment industries.