Load King Trailers Celebrating 60th Year of Providing First-Class, Performance-Driven Trailers to Heavy Equipment Industries

Load King

​Load King Trailers, an American trailer manufacturer and industry icon, is celebrating its 60th year of providing first-class, performance-driven trailers to heavy equipment industries. Based in Elk Point, South Dakota, Load King Trailers began operations in July of 1956 when founder O.D. Hanson embarked alongside a small crew of men, to design, manufacture and market superior trailer configurations to customers nationwide. Parris Erickson, a 54-year Load King veteran, was present when the company reached its inaugural decade in the trailer business, “We all knew it was something special and realized the impact it would make on the industry,” he recalled. Demand for Load King’s trailers and diverse product lines grew substantially throughout its first ten years of business, driving the company to market leadership and unparalleled brand recognition by the mid-1960s. Load King went on to experience five consecutive decades of steady expansion and continued leadership within the many sectors it serves, and has maintained its position at the forefront of the trailer industry ever since.

In December of 2015, Load King joined Utility One Source (UOS), a single-source supplier for the utility and heavy equipment industries with a focus on sales, rentals, installation, customization, remanufacturing, and aftermarket parts and services. Marking the sixth acquisition under UOS, the partnership has already furnished extensive growth for both companies, and proven itself to be a steward of innovation and unequivocal value to trailer customers nationwide.

"We look forward to another 60 years of serving innovation and unsurpassed quality to the trailer markets. Load King's future will be just as rich as its 60 year legacy."

Tom Norcross, Sr. VP of Sales

As part of UOS and with the new management team in place, Load King has realigned all design, assembly and sales operations to support unyielding production of its performance-driven trailers. The company has also standardized the use of customer feedback within every step of the company’s manufacturing process, streamlining quality control and ensuring that the structure of every Load King trailer serves as manifestation of needs voiced by the end user. In addition to its modern, customer-centric framework, the team has enhanced some of Load King’s most iconic configurations with exclusive new features and state-of-the-art accessories. Among the optimized lines is Load King’s tag trailer which now boasts apitong wood flooring, new spring-assisted ramps with superior capacity, Grote Micro-Nova dual intensity lighting, and more. Load King has even added new trailer lines to its already compelling trailer portfolio, including a Mechanical Detach Double Drop for over-the-road heavy haul, an 18” Loaded Deck Height Signature Series Detachable Gooseneck Trailer, the new End Dump (Rock Hauler), and a 60th Anniversary 60-Ton Signature Series Detachable Gooseneck Trailer.

“We look forward to another 60 years of serving innovation and unsurpassed quality to the trailer markets. Load King’s future will be just as rich as its 60 year legacy,” promised Tom Norcross. Load King’s Sr. VP of Sales.

Load King is celebrating this milestone by offering industry-wide specials on its most popular models, including the newly redesigned Detachable Gooseneck 503/554 SS SF model, which Load King will offer with standard attachments for $71,500 until the end of the year. For more information on the anniversary special and full specifications on the new trailer designs, visit Load King Trailer’s website or contact your local Load King dealer.

About Load King Trailers
Load King is looking to expand its premiere dealer network. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please contact Tom Norcross for more information.
Website: www.LoadKingTrailers.com

About Utility One Source
Utility One Source (UOS) is comprised of six industry-leading equipment providers; five family-operated businesses (Custom Truck & Equipment, Utility Fleet Sales, Forestry Equipment of Virginia, UCO Equipment, and TNT Equipment) and Load King, the known manufacturer of highly proficient and customizable trailers. UOS’ establishment continued growth ever since its inception in February of 2015 represent the platform’s collective commitment to perpetual expansion of and dominance within each legacy company’s equipment focus. The platform’s collaborative portfolio leverages the expertise of each esteemed partner, boasting a truly unparalleled range of equipment and service offerings upon which the company will pursue unending evaluation and optimization to ensure an indelible position at the forefront of equipment innovation, within the utility and heavy equipment industries.
Website: www.Utility1Source.com

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